Forecasting 2017-2018

Welcome to 2017-2018 Forecasting!

Student Forecasting portals will open on a date to be decided of the week they are scheduled to forecast and will close on Friday of that week at 4pm. Students can reenter the Forecasting system as much as they want during this time. Counselors and Guidance Staff will be available at the Forecasting sessions in Room 303 and all week in Counseling & Guidance while the portal is open to answer questions or provide assistance.

Forecasting Dates:

Current Juniors- Tuesday April 11 and Thursday April 13
Current Sophomores- Wednesday April 12
Current Freshmen- Thursday April 13
Incoming 9th graders- Friday April 14
Make up day for all- Tuesday April 18

Items you will need to bring with you to your forecasting session:

Personalized Education Plan PEP Plan

On-Line Forecasting Directions

And one of the following as it pertains to you:

Freshmen Forecasting Worksheet

Sophomore Forecasting Worksheet

Junior Forecasting Worksheet

Senior Forecasting Worksheet


Visit your PowerSchool Portal and view your Grad Progress page so you can make educated decisions about next year’s classes. If you need your PowerSchool login you can see the librarians or Guidance and Counseling staff.

Preview the 2017-2018 Curriculum Guide & Course Catalog here [catalog] as soon as it becomes available!

Speak to your parent/guardians, counselors, teachers, administrators and mentors about next years courses and your future plans!