Post Graduate Scholars Program

2016-2017 Post Graduate Scholars


Achieving the BHHS Advanced Diploma and participation in the Post Graduate Scholars Program is an exciting opportunity for students to step into their future. The purpose of the Post Graduate Scholars program is to partner with BHHS, students, parents, and Southwestern Community College (SWOCC) to provide a supported bridge between Brookings-Harbor High School (BHHS) and the student’s early college experience. The program is designed to smooth the transition between the two settings and increase the success of our students as they transition to college. Support with the costs of tuition and fees, as well as with registration, orientation, advising on course selection and monitoring of academic progress is provided through the program.

With the existing Advanced Placement classes, the BHHS-SWOCC Dual Credit opportunities and Post Graduate Scholars there is potential for a student to earn 70 to 80 or more college credits toward their educational and career goals. This is an estimated savings to the student and family of $5,000 to $10,000 or more depending upon the number of credits and institution they planned to attend.

Wide eyed disbelief! How is this possible? Are they pulling my leg?

The administration of the Brookings-Harbor School District has been deeply committed to assisting BHHS graduates in overcoming barriers to college attendance be they academic, financial or cultural. It is hoped that the Post Graduate Scholars Program can help more BHHS graduates and their parents see college as a realistic possibility. This dream gained momentum when the Oregon Legislature passed the Expanded Options law which required that high schools in Oregon provide their students with a minimal amount of access to early college options while still enrolled at high school. Over the years BHHS has offered AP (advanced placement) classes and Dual Credit (both college & high school) classes on our high school campus with the offerings continually increasing. We have now added the opportunity for an Advanced Diploma with the support of our Post Graduate Scholars Program.

Current BHHS students can identify their desire to achieve an Advanced Diploma at any time they establish, review or yearly update their Personalized Education Plan (PEP) on file with the BHHS Guidance & Counseling office. Students then may be referred to the Post Graduate Scholars by their academic counselor or apply of their own desire. The student, along with a Post Graduate Scholars staff member through the application process, will further develop their PEP to include a more in depth transition and post-secondary plan that leads to a degree or certificate program. This PEP and course selection plan becomes the set of classes for which Post Graduate Scholars will provide support for up to one academic year (SWOCC’s fall, winter and spring terms) as long as the student remains eligible for the program.

Students who are not currently enrolled in BHHS but wish to become enrolled or transfer into BHHS in order to gain access to this program and opportunity should contact the Guidance and Counseling Office.

Post Graduate Scholars is an ever evolving program and will continue to change and grow each year to meet the educational needs of our students.

Frequently Asked Questions
Pursuing the Advanced Diploma through Post Graduate Scholars

Why do we have an Advanced Diploma?
Brookings Harbor High School offers students three full-credit diploma options: a Standard Diploma, an Honors Diploma and an Advanced Diploma. The Advanced Diploma offers students continued early college options while complying with Oregon Department of Education’s expectations that students work on accomplishing goals that are in their Personal Educational Plans (PEP) as they complete their diploma requirements. Depending upon their educational plans, students make a choice to pursue a Standard, Honors or an Advanced BHHS Diploma.

If am interested, what do I do first? Who do I talk to?
Start with talking to your BHHS Guidance & Counseling office staff. They will get you the information you need and direct you to the Post Graduate Scholars staff. Your BHHS School Counselor is the best person to refer you to the program. Secondly, identify the Advanced Diploma as the diploma path you wish to follow when you write out your PEP each year. We must have the Advanced Diploma path be identified on your PEP in order for you to be eligible for Post Graduate Scholars support.


If a student chooses to pursue an Advanced BHHS Diploma…

….Can I get the Advanced Diploma within my regular four years of high school?
It is possible provided you take on additional courses and summer school. If you keep to a standard full-days schedule without adding any work the Advanced Diploma generally will take five high school years to complete.

…If I take up to five year can I participate in my class graduation ceremony at four?
Yes, so long as you would be in line for or eligible for, either the Standard or Honors diploma. If you would not be eligible for one of those diplomas you cannot walk at graduation. If you did not walk at that time you may be eligible to walk the following year provided you had earned one of the eligible diplomas.

…If I am eligible for another diploma before earning my Advanced can I receive that diploma when I walk?
No, students on the Advanced Diploma path may not receive any diploma only participate if you are in line for eligibility. You are given special recognition as being on-track but working towards the Advanced Diploma, thus being allowed to walk with their class.

. . .Can I participate in the program if I am working towards an Honors Diploma?
Of course, you continue taking the courses identified for an Honors Diploma but your PEP must identify that you are working towards an Advanced Diploma. We don’t have an Advanced Honors Diploma at this time but your transcript would reflect a very rigorous and outstanding student.

… What date would appear on the diploma?
The diploma will be dated and issued following the end of the student’s final academic year which is usually in June.

… Will this reflect poorly on me and make it appear that I have taken a long time to complete high school?
No, it is about the rigor and quality of your education. Universities that evaluate transcripts have advised BHHS that this is not a problem, but rather that they prefer seeing college courses listed on a high school transcript as it is a signal to them that students are willing to pursue more rigorous coursework. They also indicate that they will be looking most closely at a student’s college transcript, especially if they have accumulated enough credits to apply as a transfer student.

… What if a student starts to pursue an Advanced Diploma, but later changes their mind or direction — can they still get their Standard Diploma?
Yes, assuming that the student has met all the requirements of the Standard or Honors Diploma. But students are expects to complete the SWOCC course work they’d started AND transfer those course in as part of their high school transcript.

… What if a student accepts their Standard Diploma, but later wishes to pursue the Advanced Diploma — can the student give their Standard Diploma back to BHHS and then pursue the Advanced Diploma?
No, Post Graduate Scholars cannot serve students after they have received a diploma.

. . . Can I apply any of my dual credits toward my Advanced Diploma?
No, as the dual credits are courses taught on the high school campus at a high school pace (generally 18 weeks). The 12 credits towards your Advanced Diploma come from taking a college course, on a college campus, at a college pace (12 weeks). Though the two have similarities they’re different enough not to be considered the same towards this diploma.

… What are the requirements of the Advanced Diploma, and how is it different than the Standard Diploma?

The table below shows the requirements for both diplomas;
DISCIPLINE/CORES               REGULAR DIPLOMA        ADVANCED DIPLOMA       Same Core Standards for Both
English                                              4 credits                              4 credits
Mathematics                                    3 credits                              3 credits                         Algebra 1 & above on both diplomas
Science                                              3 credits                              3 credits                         Biology & Physical Science on both diplomas
Social Science                                  3 credits                              3 credits
Health Education                            1 credit                                1 credit
Physical Education                         1 credit                                 1 credit
Arts/CTE/Second Lang.                3 credits                               3 credits                        2 of language for 4-yr Univ. transfer
General Electives                             6 credits                              6 credits

Complete Portfolio                               Yes                                   Yes

Complete Service Learning Project   Yes                                   Yes
Essential Skills in Reading                 Yes-pass                          Yes- pass
Essential Skills in Writing                  Yes-pass                           Yes –pass
Essential Skills in Math                       Yes-pass                           Yes- pass
Beyond BHHS/SWOCC                                                                  12* Generally 3 college credits = 1.0 high school cr.
TOTAL BHHS CREDITS                        24                                    36
*Degree/Certificate credits are earned specifically from college credits which are identified in the student’s PEP college pathway.

It typically takes 3 or more college credits to earn 1.0 high school credit.



….Will I be eligible for scholarships when I finish with my diploma?
Yes, just as any other student completing their high school years. The year spent in gaining additional classes both for college and high school demonstrates that you are capable of being a successful college student. Scholarship foundations want to provide support to students they know are going to be successful and complete their college education. You have already demonstrated your success thus have increased your possibility for financial aid.


….Are there any expenses that I need to plan for?
Yes, there are always other expenses associated with attending college such as books (estimate $200-400 each term) and class supplies.  If you attend the Coos Bay campus you will have the cost of housing, food and long distance transportation. It will still be important to save, plan and budget for expenses.

…. Can I apply and receive financial aid as a Post Graduate Scholars student since I am attending SWOCC?
No, since you have not exited from BHHS, nor received a diploma, you may not use financial awards provided through the FAFSA application or local scholarship programs. You can apply for all of these during your Post Graduate Scholars academic year as on-paper you are still considered a high school senior.

.…Can I participate in the Post Graduate Scholars Program if I am a home schooled or attend the Christian school?
Yes, Christian school and home schooled students are welcome but you must enroll as a BHHS student before accepting your other diploma. In addition you must meet the BHHS eligibility requirements towards an Advanced diploma as well as meet the eligibility criteria for the Post Graduate Scholars Program. Contact the Post Graduate Scholars staff in the BHHS guidance & counseling office for information.

.…Can I participate in the Post Graduate Scholars Program after I get my GED?
No, the GED is a General Education Diploma and once a student accepts their diploma they are no longer eligible for Post Graduate Scholars.

….What is the advantage of the Post Graduate Scholars Program?
The most obvious advantage is the financial aspect of having your college tuition paid but there is more. The Post Graduate Scholars Program provides a supported bridge between high school and your early college experience. The program is designed to smooth the transition between the two settings and increase the success of students as they transition to college. We support you through registration, orientation, appropriate course selection and monitoring of academic progress is provided through the program. In addition you will have the support in working through your financial aid and scholarship applications.

….Can I play sports as part of Post Graduate Scholars?
For BHHS ‘depends’, OSAA eligibility rules stipulate that upon entering your 5th year of high school you are no longer eligible for high school athletics, but if entering the program in your 4th year you may be eligible and would need to meet with the high school’s athletic director.
For SWOCC yes, NWAACC rules stipulate that provided a SWOCC student has met all other enrollment/academic requirements, ie enrolled in at least 12 quarter credits. Students in this program will have met these eligibility requirements to participate in Intercollegiate Athletics at SWOCC. If you have any questions please call the SWOCC athletic office as this could change from year to year.

….Which SWOCC campus can I attend?
Preference is given to Curry campus students so we can provide immediate support when needed. We do not rule out Coos Bay but you must demonstrate that you are already a very good student and responsible individual. There are frequent materials that will need to be turned in as well and mandatory meetings. The Coos Bay campus makes it more difficult to meet those deadlines.

….If I attend the Coos Bay campus can I get my own apartment?
No, because you still fall under the heading of a BHHS student we feel you must either reside in the college housing or with a family member.


What about the Post Graduate Scholars Program and how does that fit with the Advanced Diploma?

….Is the Post Graduate Scholars Program the same as the Advanced Diploma?
No they are different. The Advanced Diploma can be awarded to a student even if they do not participate in the Post Graduate Scholars Program. The Post Graduate Scholars Program provides support to those working to achieve the Advanced Diploma.

….How does the Post Graduate Scholars Program support the Advanced Diploma?
The Post Graduate Scholars Program provides financial and guidance support to eligible students. Post Graduate Scholars will pay a percentage of required tuition and fees. See the specifics about eligibility and what is paid for on the Post Graduate Scholars Eligibility document. The eligibility requirements can change yearly so it is important to review them often.